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For Dad August 29, 2010

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Ok, dad, I’m doing my blog.

Mostly we’ve been doing a lot of hanging out at the park and I’ve joined a mom’s group so we have playdates.

He mostly plays by himself near the other kids.  I think he’s just so excited to play with their toys.

“These toys are cool, why don’t I have toys like these?”

“Because mom and dad are lame-o’s”

“That’s what I thought”

I’ve also been to a few Mom’s night out get together’s.  This is so nice for me to be able to talk to other women and make friends.  Although I find myself to be reverting back to my younger days of being shy and unsure of myself.  This makes me very uncomfortable.  I worked hard to break that, I sure as hell don’t want to go back.

I’m sure most of it comes from the fact that I spend my days with a 2 year old who thinks my weird faces and strange noises are funny and entertaining.  I’m finding that adults don’t think it near as funny to get a raspberry to the armpit.

Their loss really.

This doesn't feel right!

Water play on a hot day!

Why is it so HOT?

Fletch and I also took a trip down to Colorado Springs with Marie and Steve.

They took me thrifting.  I found some awesome stuff.

It is my dream to drive down by myself and thrift all day maybe stay the night in a hotel and then come home to my family with lots of awesome treasures.

One day.

Sharing a cone at G'pa Steve's fave ice cream place.

1st sucker....Enjoyed the magic of it sticking to his face then he did actually eating it.

Now for some random bits of Fletcher cuteness.

Saying Cheeeeeessseee

Daddy...sit down

His main facial expression while watchin "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

Apt. porch swimming

Just enough water to soak a diaper and cool off.

"Boys only....No girls Allowed" Fort time with dad.


One Response to “For Dad”

  1. Polli Says:

    Love all these pictures and I miss you guys SO MUCH! Meet you in Co. Spring for a thrifting weekend!

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