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A change…..will do you good. June 18, 2010

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This is what I did last night.

I started with Brown hair.

Step 1. lighten up hair

I used what we in the hair biz would call a soap cap.

I used hair bleach and shampoo to rub out the old color in my hair.

This can be hard on your hair, but I did it anyway.

Step 2....lighen up hair even more

Here is my end result.

Now I'm a fiery Copper head.

Devin has been trying to get me to go red for as long as I’ve known  him.  He picked out the color, and he really loves it on me.   It’s really really bright and not natural looking at all.  It’s a little out of my “35 year old Keri” comfort zone, but that’s good cause I think I was getting boring.  Now I feel rock star and spunky again.  It may have just been the change I was desperately needing in my life.  Now I just need to get that sleeve tattoo I’ve been wanting.  It’s all coming together.

PS…please pay no attention to the tooth paste splatters on the mirror, like me, I’d like you to pretend that my house is always spotless and I am the perfect house wife and mom.  Kisses.


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