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Sewing and stuff June 14, 2010

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So lately I’ve been getting my sew on…and some cooking too.  Most of my sewing has been for the home, little home improvement type things.  Like finally redoing the unattractive foot stool I got about two years ago.



I also whipped up a screen to cover up the cheap shelf we got for the dvd’s.  It was supposed to keep Fletch out of the dvds… doesn’t.

Now you see em!

Now you don't.

Recovered some ugly pillows.

Came with our couch.



I loved how this one turned out.

I used all fabric that I already had on hand and some old sheets that I thrifted.  It’s been a lot of fun and I really love sewing, it makes me feel really good inside.  It’s definitely  good for my soul.  But I know I should be sewing for Sweet Monkey Snugs, and finishing my projects for the babies.  I think I’m afraid that if I finish them and put them out there to sell, no one will buy them.  Just because I like them doesn’t mean other people will.  Yes, yes, I know, you never know until you try, but that fear is really getting the better of me.

But aside from that I’ve got lots of projects lined up.  Bags, skirts, shorts for Fletch and a little roll up picnic rug for Fletch and us.  So when I get some more of those finished, I’ll show em to ya.

Oh, I also painted and mounted my coffee cup holder.  I love how good it looks with my colorful mugs.

I love it.

I’ve done some more thrifting and I’ve found some good stuff.  Money’s been tight, so most of it I’ve left behind for someone else to treasure, but a few things I just couldn’t do without.   My faves are the sugar bowl that was meant to be mine and the cute little plate that jumped out and said, “put your sewing pins in me”.  So I did.

My little lovelies!

Not only have I been sewing but I’ve been expanding my horizens in the kitchen.  Making things I never thought I would make.

I made a homemade chicken pot pie, it was so yummy.  Today I’m actually making homemade dinner rolls.  I’m very excited/nervous about it.  I’ve been making tons of chocolate chip cookies for Devin to take to work.  They think he’s the luckiest guy ever.  Which he is, but so am I.  And my fave thing that I’ve made are the donuts, the yummy soft and beautiful donuts.  Devin also took them to work and has since had many requests for me to make more.

The kitchen was covered in donuts. I think that is what heaven will be for me.

Isn't she beautiful?

And of course I could leave you without a picture of Fletcher.



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