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The last 48. January 29, 2010

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So I took pictures of things that brought great joy to my heart in the last 48 hours or so.  Now I’ll share them with you guys.

This picture makes me happy and a wee bit sad.  He’s such a big boy now and not my little baby.  But I love how chilled out he is watchin his Blue’s Clues.

Gotta wear boots!

Gotta be shirtless!

The coloring is just getting started. He likes for me to draw stuff so he can color over it. I love when little kids lay on the floor to color.


Comfy chair


Good Book


Best Sweat Pants Ever


Earl Gray in my Favorite mug


A really awesome time alone while the baby is napping.

And last but not least in the amount of joy it brought me.

Lola and Farmer Polli

Lola and Farmer Polli


That’s my boy! January 23, 2010

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Fletcher is funny.  Not just like, “oh look at that  kid, he’s funny.”  But like really funny, he has the best personality ever.

I love getting to hang out with him, I hope that when he gets older he’ll still want to hang out with his ol mom.  I like to think I’m pretty cool, so he probably will.  Right?

It's a good thing our family bed is king sized.

He likes to wear glasses like mom, dad and Mr. Potato Head.

Boy Howdy, does he ever love those feet stinkin frog boots.


X-Mas/New Years January 22, 2010

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First, I have to get off my chest how I’m obsessed with the Mama Mia soundtrack.  I’m listening to it right now.  I listen to it all the time.   If I owned the movie I would be watching that all the time.

Ok, now that that is done I’ll get back to the business of blogging.

Fletcher and I spent Christmas in Denver with Devin.  It was so great to see him and I cried the day I left because I knew it would be another couple months before we would be together again.  I miss him so much.  Fletcher on the other hand, while clearly misses Devin seems to be taking the whole thing in stride.  He must get that from Devin.

How did we get to Denver you ask, well, we flew.  Fletcher’s first time on the airplane, my first time flying alone with a small child.  I think we both did great.  He was so good for me while we checked in and waited to board the plane.   My brilliant sister had the brilliant idea of having small presents for him to open if he started getting restless, which he hardly did.  Once we were in our seats he was a wee bit squirmy but not bad, just curious about everything.  His favorite thing to mess with was the tray table.

Here we are flyin high.

Fletcher’s favorite part of the flight seemed to be the landing, which happens to be my least favorite part.  You know that moment when the tires finally hit the ground and they slam on the brakes?  Biggest smile on his face, made me not hate that moment so much.  So he seems to really enjoy flying.  For the flight back he fell asleep as we were boarding and slept most of the flight, waking up just in time for his happy moment.

Once we were off the plane and finally found Devin, I was a little afraid that Fletch would act shy, but no, he knows his daddy.  He hugged Devin so tight and then promptly fell asleep on his shoulder.  It was so sweet.

Unfortunately Devin had to work the day before and the day after Christmas so we didn’t get to spend as much time together as we would have liked.  Such is the life of working in retail, but after not seeing him for two months it was a major bummer for me.

Here are some pictures from Christmas day.

Helping Grandpa Mack with his present. So helpful.

Mr. Potato Head was a big hit. That was all Devin.

It was a great day.  Jim and Polla drove up from New Mexico and spent the day with us.

It would have been nice to have a great big Christmas morning with everybody there, but there’s always next year.  Next year we’ll probably have to start hiding presents and only putting them out christmas eve and then when Fletch wakes up he’ll be so surprised and will freak out.  That will be awesome.  I’ll let you know what happens.

The day after christmas was a fun one too.  At least for Fletch and I, sadly Devin worked.

Fletch had his first day in the snow.  At first he was plenty cheesed off at having to get all this gear on, but then once he was out in the snow it was okay.  Coming back in he was so mad at me and kept trying to put his snow pants back on.  Let me just show you some pictures.

Not happy at all.

Oh! It's not so bad.

Mmmmm, snow.

Playing in the snow is awesome!!!

So that was our christmas in Denver.  It was fun, and way way way too short.

Now here are a few photos for New Years.

Fletch and I went to Sioux City.  We were going to ride up with my sister and her kids but poor Lily got the strep throat.  So they stayed home and we ventured on.  And let me tell you this……it was cooooooooolllllldd.  So much snow in the Sioux City and the temp was in the negatives. Man it was cold.  But we were tough like bull and had a great time with the family.

Sitting around drinking and laughing.

Gettin into the party spirit.

Becky's oldest....17!! That can't be right, we're too young.

Beatles Rock Band

Makin friends and havin fun.

And that concludes our very fun and very busy holiday week.