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Sleeping April 25, 2008

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So last night Devin and I slept in the same bed together at the same time.  Between my tossing and turning and his snoring, I don’t know if either of us got much sleep.  But I don’t care cause it was great to have him there.  I think were going to have to switch sides though which is funny cause when we go anywhere this is the side we sleep on, but at home it’s switched, weird.

This crazy baby of ours likes to move around a lot in the middle of the night.  I find he’s a big spaz if I try to sleep on my left side, but mellows out a bit if I roll over.  He’s so funny, Ha Ha look at me keep mom up at night.  Just wait til I’m on the outside, won’t that be fun?   Oh well, I’ll sleep all night again someday. (fingers crossed)

Devin is finishing his second week in his new position at work.  He seems really happy, and really ready to get down to the meat of the job.  I’m just glad he gets to work on web design type stuff and do things he  really loves to do.  I’m so proud of him.



Anniversary April 20, 2008

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So today is the 2 year anniversary from when Devin popped the question and I said yes. How could I not, I love him so.

New news on the baby front. I’m big. I just spent 7 hours on my feet yesterday and I highly underestimated how much my body would pay for that. Also, my ankles completely disappeared. It was the strangest looking thing ever. But after a couple of hours with my feet up I had ankles again. Yea!

We have our second Birth and Labor class today. Love the learning. I’ve read a bunch of books trying to prepare myself for the birth. Not that one could be fully prepared for something they have little to no control over. But I try, I can’t seem to get Devin to read the books though. He’s flying by the seat of his pants on this one, which makes me a little nervous. Why won’t he read the book? I don’t know.

I got my first “you must be ready to pop any day now” the other day. No, two months left. I mostly wear the same two pairs of pants, a skirt, and a pair of jammie pants I try to pass off as real pants. I hate going shopping and seeing cute cloths that I can’t possible fit into. I really love plaid shorts and apparently plaid bermuda shorts are in now, but not for me, not with this big ol’ baby belly. Sadness for me.

I’m out.



Busy, busy, busy April 18, 2008

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No new posts in a while, I know.  And I’d like to take this time to apologize.  So, I’m sorry.  Okay?  Let’s move on…

Here’s all the latest juicy news and gossip on Keri and I:  We’ve started our birth and labor classes at the Birth and Women’s Center.  The first class went by pretty quick, and I picked up some good information I think, but the woman running it did hand out the detailed pictures of female anatomy almost before everyone could find a seat.  Still, I’m looking forward to the other classes, of which there are five remaining.

I started my new job this week.  Sort of.  I’ve moved into my new location and had a little training, and I’ve started to do a little work on a redesign of the company intranet.  For the most part, though, I’m waiting for more training concerning what is supposed to be the meat of my job, and it seems the specifics of how and when that’s to be done are still being worked out.  I don’t really mind the slow start, but I am starting to get a little antsy for more to do.

– Devin


First time April 3, 2008

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So here is my first post on the Macks Facts. Very exciting.

Ok, I read this forum on and I was checking it out today and one of the posts is about feeling/looking big. Apparently a bunch of these women hate being told they look big. I think that I’m pretty big in the baby guts, but that’s because I’ve got a baby in there. How am I suppose to look. Granted no one has said to me that I look like I’m carrying twins or that I should be popping any day now. Except for that its awkward as (bleep), I really like my big ol belly. Sure I have lots of complaints about being pregnant, it’s super funky feeling, my back hurts and I have to pee all the time. BUT I get this awesome little baby out of it. It’s not his fault that pregnancy is funky, it’s the only way to get him from point A to point B, he has no choice. Cause if he did, I’m quite sure my perfect little son would stop head butting me in the cervix and bladder all the ding dang time.

My Belly and Me


Flickr, part deux April 2, 2008

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I’ve finished labeling all the photos from the wedding that I uploaded to Flickr.  Unfortunately, it seems as though WordPress doesn’t like iframes, which is preventing me from actually adding a slideshow to the blog.  However, I have a widget (located in the right-hand column) that should display a few of our pictures at a time.  If you’d like to see all of them, you can go to my Flickr page, or if you’d just like to see an actual slideshow, try this.

– Devin